Lauren  Brooks

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A Peek.

Hey you! Thanks for stopping by and welcome! Come in and take off your clothes, oops I mean shoes. LOL! Then, let down your guard and leave your ego at the door, as they are not needed with me. Just be yourself!


My chosen pseudonym in this clandestine world is ‘Lauren Brooks’. ANNND one of the most important things to know about me that that I do not hide who I REALLY AM, thus I don’t take well to conformity. So instead of feeding you a bunch of BS “smoke & mirrors” about how I’m the best this or that and listing my interests and accomplishments as though you’re reading a resume, I’d rather tell you who I REALLY am. I hope that’s OK.


On the surface.

(Shrugs shoulders) Well, I guess I must be very attractive because I constantly turn heads and get lots of freebies. LOLOL!


At 5’7” tall, slightly curvy and immensely sexy - my eyes (hazel-green in color) are probably my most striking feature; and very nicely complement my baby soft, enticing, deep, dark and delicious complexion. I would be remiss not to mention my spectacular pair of natural DD breasts, nice bottom, and legs that seem to go on forever. BUT lastly, the cherry on top is my breathtaking smile. Thanks mommy!

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Close Up.

At 40, I am probably NOT your average woman. I prefer to think of myself as an intelligent (degreed & corporately experienced) and sophisticated “new millennium” kind of girl - quirky, a smartass and with a helluva sense of humor. I’m not perfect (and make no claim to be), but rather secure in my feminine sexuality and know how to treat a man. I am simply a woman who CHOOSES this lifestyle as my contribution to manhood and masculinity worldwide.


You see, I live and love to give. The romance of ancient lore is alive and well in my heart today. I just wanna add a little spark to your life, babe. You deserve it!




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